Access your information in the Cloud from anywhere on any device

Interhost provide fully scalable services that grow as you grow, with no need to invest in expensive
Server or network technology




The Cloud OS is Microsoft’s vision of one consistent platform for infrastructure, application, and data across customer, service provider and Microsoft datacenters. This vision helps companies realize a cloud-optimised business by fulfilling infrastructure needs from every perspective. What makes this model so unique is the ability to offer the Microsoft Cloud Platform, 'Microsoft Azure', along with our Interhost cloud platform as part of a true hybrid solution.

This enables better optimisation of IT resources while providing limitless scale, compute, storage and networking for the countless day-to-day needs of operations and the workforce.

While many software vendors claim to have such capabilities, the truth is they lack either a strong on-premises offering (a private cloud) or a global public cloud. With Microsoft and Interhost BOTH platforms are available so the correct cloud roadmap can be selected.

Interhost can support you with a consistent private or hybrid cloud platform with integrated virtualisation to easily move workloads between environments without change. Where some service providers claim to offer hybrid solutions, in reality they only offer components of one. Cloud OS Network partners like Interhost can deliver the full Cloud OS vision to customers.