The perfect MPLS solution for your business...

MPLS- High performing, resilient, private network, prioritising your most important data and offering internet break out through a separate port on your managed router.



  • Scalable Network

  • Sites can be added to your network at any stage on a plug and play basis. Starting with a basic broadband connection up to a gigabit connectivity. Circuits can be upgraded to suit your business. As you grow, your network grows with you to accomodate your business needs.

  • Improved Uptime

  • MPLS reduces the amount of manual intervention your network provider has to do to create a WAN, reducing the chance of human error bringing down your network.

  • Resilience

  • Sites can have a carrier resilient lease line connection where available. Fibre and copper lease line technologies, FTTC, ADSL, even 3G and 4G mobile technology are available. Broadband backup is delivered as standard with all lease line sites.

  • Quality of Service

  • Prioritising your traffic is becoming essential in this data driven world we live in. Using QOS, we prioritise your most important traffic - voice, video, mission critical and standard data in order of preference.

  • Internet Breakout

  • We can deliver Internet break out from the MPLS core, a central site on our MPLS network or at every site, reducing costs and management overheads.


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