Interhost are experts in the field of recruitment. We are one of the largest hosters for recruitment companies in the UK. We provide direct services to recruiters large or small.

We also provide white lable services to a number of independent recruitment software vendors who need their line of business applications hosted for their client base. We deal with a number of IT systems, recruitment packages and applications.

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It is extremely important that the entire solution is robust and secure. Interhost have a proven track record of excelling in these areas and are known in the industry as a company that recruitment institutions can trust.

Our Microsoft Gold Hosting competency and our accreditation as a Cloud OS Partner demonstrates the level of investment that both Interhost and Microsoft have gone to - we work together on multiple projects and deliver advanced, cutting edge systems for organisations, large or small, that want to take advantage of Cloud services.


Some of the benefits of a hosted solution are known cost, scalability, mobility and reliability. These are particularly sought after in the recruitment industry as staff levels can fluctuate more so than in other industries and the ability to offer a flexible system is paramount to running a modern recruitment business.

The company must be able to adapt quickly and realise profit when it is there for the taking so our per user per month model allows the business to align IT spend with actual monthly usage, not potential demand.

Our systems are extremely robust and secure. We work with clients to provide exactly the service they want at a price point that they can budget for. Very often these companies grow and as they do so we provide further services in the form of connectivity and voice products.


We are ISO27001 (Information and Security) accredited but unlike other IT companies that provide services to the recruitment industry, we own our own data centre and our own MPLS core. We have strict internal rules on who can work for us and at what level.

We also undergo regular and rigorous auditing procedures carried out by an independent party in order to ensure that these levels of security and procedure are maintained to the highest standard.


We provide a 24x7 service which allows trade to take place at any time of the day or night, regardless of the location the user is in. We offer various platforms so that companies can accommodate applications that are both old and new and different service packages to cover the options that any organisation may require.