Interhost operate across a vast range of vertical markets and have done so for many years. We cater for companies, large or small, who embrace the modern business model of 'Cloud' services as well as general managed services.

These companies are often looking for scalability, efficiency, competitive edge, help with growth but at the same time with an eye to reducing costs and realising value. They may be looking to enhance their existing services, redeploy in the most agile way or introduce additional services such as business continuity or disaster recovery.

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Typically, our solution is ideal for companies of around 25-500 users. In environments of multiple, low staffed offices (e.g. estate agents or franchises) the soltuion comes into its own by providing a centralised 'head office' system for all nodes to use as if they were all located in the same office.


Interhost are industry leaders. We have a wealth of experience. We can help you along the road to The Cloud and provide comfort in the fact that we've done this all before many times for organisations just like yours.

We know your market and our team of experts have vast experience with the very line of business applications that you use everyday. Not only have we done it all before, we have a string of clients that we cna refer you to.

They will tell you about the very journey they took, the one that you are about to take, and how Interhost helped them with everything on every step of the way.

Essentially... you're in safe hands!


Interhost can provide a number of additional services. We offer voice, hosted voice, leased line/MPLS connectivity, 24x7 support and advance infrastructure design and build.

We can reduce capital expenditure, the monthly overhead and assist with resourcing issues or limited in-house skill sets.


Our aim is allow businesses to focus on what they are good at, not their IT. If we all concentrate on our core competencies we will all do better.

Interhost strive to provide operational excellence but at the same time retain customer intimacy. We try to collaborate with all clients whilst offering a point of contact for all technological advice and requirements.

We are always looking for forward thinking SMEs so that we can build our client base with the right type of client - firms that are dynamic, progessive and willing to embrace the competitive advantage that the adoption of a high level managed solution can bring.